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Invented by Adobe, PDF is a portable file format. It has been designed to look almost the same on all computers, making it the perfect file layout for uploading and interacting. What’s even more, PDFs are safe and convenient to modify and are compatible with most hardware and software components. 

That being said, if you insert photographs and visuals into a PDF file, the document size will increase easily. This will make it extremely difficult to exchange PDFs via mail or post them to online storage portals. To prevent this dilemma, you would need to compact the file and reduce the file’s pdf size. 

Luckily, this is an easy task with PDF reducer or compressor tools. These services will keep the current file and compact it to a portion of its actual state. Compressed PDFs will then be submitted to colleagues or customers or posted to secure online storage databases. 

This purchasing guide discusses the best PDF compressors and lets you make the right choice for your company. 


If you are searching for a quick and easy way to make pdf smaller, Duplichecker is a one-stop option. This pdf reducer compress pdf size in a few seconds with just few clicks. Essentially, this is an online access software tool. You can use it with any web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Opera. You can modify text, photos, electronically sign papers, and several other features when you start using the compress pdf tool.

It’s an online editor with a wide variety of conversion tools. The application is great for compress pdf size. DUPLICHECKER significantly increases flexibility at work and helps you to work safely with various documents and types. The multi-feature PDF solution enables you to open, edit, display, construct and convert PDF documents. You have all the standard stuff, plus some specialized features like data storage and OCR. 

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This is one of the best ways to reduce pdf size. PDF element uses a common ribbon-style interface, allowing it to be easy and convenient to use. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office applications, it’s going to be a piece of cake for you. The best thing is that such a job is only a touch away. With a few taps, you can complete every method you want, even make pdf smaller.  

There are various parts in the application where you can find various functions, including browsing, editing, commenting, transforming, pages, creating, preserving, distributing, etc. For example, you can arrange your pages by clicking on the Pages section. The app helps you to merge pages, divider pages, erase pages, and more. Every other section implements the same functional style.  


One of the most widely used compressed pdf size tools is adobe acrobat dc. Adobe Acrobat DC is Adobe’s new service. This company developed the PDF layout. Since Adobe has invented PDF, the service is the complete PDF compressor to reduce pdf size you can discover. But often, the variety of features can be daunting. The PDF maker comes with a wide set of features, but it comes with a cost. Adobe Acrobat is at the other end of the continuum.  

You get advanced tools for reading, editing, handling, making, and converting PDF files. The application has an intuitive interface, and some suggest it’s easy to use. Yet, the tale has two sides. Some consumers complain about the complexity of the product. As for special functionality, Adobe will help you customize the bars of your tool. You can connect them and arrange them, however, you wish. 

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One of the most amazing ways to reduce pdf size is to use the send a pdf reducer. Sejda is an easy, responsive PDF reducer. It’s as similar as you can to free PDF compressor applications. Sejda is a perfect choice for businesses who want something easy and simple to handle and reduce PDF size. You can use this to sign papers, apply notes, create digital forms, and other simple functions. 

The free edition is limited to three activities a day. Although it’s simple tech, you do have some special gadgets. For instance, a bookmark overview is a tool that you can use for your desktop and mobile applications. You may also switch between two papers, which is a perfect tool to increase efficiency. One of the drawbacks is that there are mixed reviews for editing solutions. 


A decent PDF reducer helps you to compact files without sacrificing the quality. If you’re curious which of the best free PDF compressors is, we have some of the above choices for you. Some of these services have a platform that you can use for online compression. These applications minimize PDF size quickly and provide different options for editing, combining, and handling PDF files.


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