Memorable Staycation at Luxurious Hotel, Sofitel Sentosa

A staycation in Singapore will be enjoyable if you stay at the right place. You can choose Sofitel Sentosa. The hotel has an aesthetic exterior design with traditional chandeliers and a classic roof. When you come there, you will feel at home. What else is interesting about this hotel that recommended for Sentosa Staycation? Here’s the review.

Bedroom with Elegant Design

Sofitel Sentosa has bedrooms with large windows that can provide views outside the hotel area. You will feel comfortable and at ease while enjoying the panorama even though you are not out of the room. When you want to relax alone, the room is the perfect place. There, you can see a lot of activity on Sentosa Island that is very busy. Surely this will be very interesting for introverts who are looking for tranquility.

Between the bed and the dining area, there is a partition that separates the two rooms. So, if you are with your family, your sleep time will not be disturbed if someone is still watching TV. Because in the room, there are carpets that can allow the sound to be less audible.

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In the room, there are also rows of soft and comfortable sofas. A well-arranged sofa will allow you to sit anywhere, either alone or with guests. Many people invite friends and chat there. You will spend a lot of quality time in this cozy area of the room.

The in-room bathroom is one of the important facilities in a private room. So, you will not be disturbed by the activities of other visitors. Sofitel Sentosa will make sure that you have a comfortable room. Inside the hotel, you can take a quick dip or get cleaned up. If you are on a business trip or are with a tour group and need to quickly pack up, the bathroom in your room will be very helpful.

There are also some in-room facilities at Sofitel Sentosa. For example hairdryer, in-room safe, minibar, shower, and TV. You will be able to use a hairdryer to quickly straighten your hair if you are in a hurry to get ready. Then, the in-room safe will keep your belongings neatly organized and safer. If there are guests, friends, or family at the hotel, then don’t worry because the minibar is ready to be a fun place to gather.

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Food and Drinks

If you are worried about the breakfast menu, then this is not necessary. A special breakfast with a delicious menu will be available. Moreover, there is also a snack bar that is ready to help you deal with hunger if you suddenly need food or need to hurry to eat.


Wheelchair access is also one of the important things in this hotel. Many people with disabilities have a hard time taking vacations and finding places of syatcation interesting. However, you don’t need to worry if you want to visit this place. Come on, book a room now because you will get many facilities at Sofitel Sentosa. 




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